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My name is Nirmal Sarkar, and I am the Founder of UnPencil. Most of you know probably know me through my Blog HiTricks where I am actively writing since 2015. I am a Biotechnologist and Blogger from Kolkata.

On the homepage, I have already written about my motivation towards creating this community, as well as this specific brand name. I won’t repeat it here again.

As a blogger, I have always put forward the quality of content above everything. Our contents at HiTricks are easy-to-grasp for audiences of all levels, as well as very comprehensive, covering all the aspects related to that topic which I am focusing on.

In the long term, it helped me connect with people from all over India across social networks. With similar ideologies in mind, I started the CryptoHub and FinTalks communities for discussing cryptocurrencies and financial matters respectively. The aim was to create a user-friendly community, where both starters and experts can interact and mutually help each other.

UnPencil sticks to the same principles and values that I implemented over the years on HiTricks.

UnPencil is a FREE educational platform with a scientific mindset. From research papers to everyday science, from academic queries to unique learning opportunities, this is where people across the nation meet together!

Whether you are a college or university student, a researcher, a teacher, an instructor, a coder, or someone who is associated with academics, or neither of them, it does not matter. If you love science and want to participate in healthy discussions around various domains of science, you are welcome to join.

UnPencil is all about community revolving around the educational niche. Here’s how an online educational community can come together:

  • Discuss the cutting edge scientific research and enrich your knowledge.
  • Take help from fellow members and solve all your academic queries.
  • Explore unique higher-studies and skill-development courses from top-tier institutions.
  • Get access to the best educational resources from friends who are studying in the same domain.

At the same time, if you are skilled in any particular educational domain, or you are associated with teaching as a profession, you can join in to connect with other learners, and enrich the community with your expert advice. As a matter of fact, you can also join our Experts Waitlist and be one of the first ones to share your thoughts and expertise.

In the long run, UnPencil aims to curate educational content available across various domains, in an easily-accessible way. We also plan to create original educational content as well. There are a lot of interesting things in the pipeline, and hopefully, we will be able to accomplish them in the near future. You can buy me a coffee to support the initiative.

I welcome everyone to connect at the UnPencil community. Check out the FAQ section below where I have answered some of the common questions. For further queries, you can always contact us. See you!!!


Q: Is UnPencil 100% Free?

Ans: Yes. UnPencil is and will remain a 100% Free Community.

Q: Then how are you going to Earn?

Ans: I am not aiming to ‘earn money’ out of UnPencil for my living. But in the long run, I will probably be monetizing the website, do brand endorsements, or use affiliate links for sustaining the operational costs. But the ‘Educational Contents’ we create or curate will not be behind any paywalls, and will be 100% free to access for anyone.

Q: Will you be creating ‘Original Educational Content’?

Ans: Yes, that is in the pipeline! We will be collaborating with experts for creating educational posts and videos. There will be ‘Original Contents’ from UnPencil too.

Q: Then how will an expert benefit from sharing free knowledge?

Ans: We don’t want to become another ‘course-selling’ website, because it defeats the purpose of having an open community, and also brings in low-quality content, just for the sake of earning money. Coming to how we can fulfill our goals, we have to be heavily dependent on volunteers, at least during the initial run.

Q: Where are you located?

Ans: I live in Kolkata, India.

Q: Then why is there no clear address and phone number mentioned on the website?

Ans: This is because UnPencil is NOT a registered company, and it does not have a physical company address. UnPencil is managed by me solo, and I am only available for contact via email (or via our community directly).

Q: Its still looking suspicious to me!

Ans: Well, we are all connecting over Facebook, a social network where we all are connected more than anywhere else. Plus I am not collecting any unnecessary private information on the website. All I want with UnPencil is a healthy community that comes together and discusses science!

Q: Okay, how do I contact you?

Ans: Just fill the ‘Contact Us‘ form. Well, this contact form is mainly for business-related inquiries. If you have joined our community on Facebook, you can directly contact me over there for any general information.

Q: Cool. I am kinda convinced now.

Ans: I am elated. Thank you for putting the faith on me. 🙂

Our Aim

1. Spread the knowledge to grow scientific temper

2. Get academic assistance from like-minded people

3. Get access to rich educational resources

4. Stay updated with unique learning opportunities

All you need is a Facebook Account…