List of Ebook Downloading Websites

This is going to be a short post with a list of websites where you can download or read Ebooks of your choice online in India!

  • Amazon Prime Reading: If you are an Amazon Prime Member, you can read thousands of Ebooks free of cost. You need to install the Kindle App for accessing the ebooks though. You cannot download them.
  • Feedbooks: Public Domain Books from thousands of fiction and non-fiction categories.
  • Library Genesis: Library Genesis, better known as Libgen, is a hub of ebooks, especially academic books which are not so easily available elsewhere. While they are surely trusted, they are not so legal, and we generally recommend avoiding them.
  • OpenLibrary: Hosts a wide array of books from biographies, science-fiction, romance, art, and more!
  • Project Gutenberg: One of the most popular collections of Free Ebooks. You will find many classic novels from here. This is the oldest digital library, founded back in 1971.
  • WikiBooks: The Wikipedia of Free Ebook for the world. This is a publicly contributed and constantly updating ebook that comprises every topic!
  • ZLibrary: Similar to Libgen, they are also highly popular due to their collection of books from across vast categories that are unavailable in other places. Again, not all of them are legal, hence we don’t recommend them in general.

Trick to find direct PDF files of any ebook on Google:

Here’s a tiny trick to search for and download any ebook from Google. Open and Search the following:

xyz book filetype:pdf

Replace ‘xyz book’ with the title of the book you need. If you are lucky you will get direct download links right on the google search results page. If you need ebooks in .epub format, choose ‘filetype:epub’ instead of ‘filetype:pdf’.

Note that this method is also not a legal way to access books. So we don’t recommend going for this method.

That’s all for now. We will keep updating this list with more interesting sources! Thank you. 🙂

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